Sam Burton

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About Sam

Sam Burton

Age 17


At 4 years old, I fell in love with shooting when I was hitting targets with my grandfather while living in California. Honing my skills shooting squirrels and targets at every opportunity. Scouring the web for any and all technical firearms information I could find. Many hours were spent studying and disassembling my fathers’ firearms. Shooting competition opportunities were few in my area, so exposure to competition was limited to following several out-of-state shooters online.

Moving from California to Missouri in 2014 afforded me the opportunity to be in the middle of the competitive shooting world and attend several matches as a fan. It also allowed me to meet many of shooting sports talented and popular figures including the great Jerry Miculek while watching them compete. One thing that I really appreciate about the competitive shooters that I’ve met is their willingness to share information and expertise freely. An opportunity came up to attend History Channel Top Shot season 3 winner Dustin Ellermann’s Marksmanship camp in Texas. In 2015 I also went back and served as summer staff at his camp.

Enjoying the freedom of Missouri, the first thing I did was build my own AR platform rifle with future competition in mind.

Starting in 2016, I began to venture out into the area of pistol competitions as a junior shooter. I attended my first NRA annual convention in Louisville and it really opened my eyes to how many great products and people are in this industry. The end of 2016 brought an exciting work-in-progress, developing and starting a business with my father to give our friends and co-patriots in ban states a legal storage option for banned items such as magazines, kits, and ammo.

2017 plans include as many matches as I can afford allowing me to build on my experience and skills. I am also hoping a shotgun finds its’ way to me this year and to hit a 3-gun match or two.

I’ve been using a FoamRest since July and it’s replaced my sandbags due its ease of use and convenience. I carry one every time I get out to shoot.