FoamAction Sports™

How did FoamAction Sports™ Start?

Founders Ross and Mike met back in college while attending school for Mechanical Engineering. There they recognized each other’s passion for solving problems and desire to make a difference. Both avid firearms enthusiasts as well as hunters, they spent a great deal of time at the shooting range. Noticing that friends and other shooters at the range were lugging around heavy sand bags, and resting their firearms on old 2x4s that had moldy carpet stapled to it, something had to be done.

Seeing an opportunity for improvement, Ross & Mike put in many hours of design and testing and the FoamRest was born. Fueled by an extreme passion to succeed and grow this business, we can promise you that there are many more groundbreaking products to come.

Mission Statement: To provide high quality products and unmatched customer support at extremely affordable prices.